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  1. Andy C Andy C

    Cheney got bored and decided to start playing The Most Dangerous Game

  2. Got bored? Hell no! That was an ENEMY COMBATANT he fired on! That man was clearly an enemy, becuase only a godless Commie A-Rab terrorist would try to get near the Vice President when he’s shooting game!

    You just KNOW that if the same thing had happened to Cheney the shooter, probably just a drunk redneck who missed his deer, would take 25 rounds in the chest from Secret Service agents who wouldn’t even bother to question “Did he miss, or was he TRYING to give the VP a few days’ limp?”

  3. Just remember, those of us in America are just one shotgun blast away from a Bush presidency.

  4. Johnny Anarchy Johnny Anarchy


  5. z3r0n3 z3r0n3

    I hope he said sorry. What a Dick.

  6. Frito Frito

    Would they be able to use lethal force to bring him down if he went on a rampage, or would they just have to wait until he ran out of bullets? Because they would be a damned good way to lose your secret service job… I guess the same question could be asked of the pope…

  7. shai shai

    Collateral damage.

  8. They said it was an accident? What do they think we are? Of corse it was intentional. “Beware the power of the mighty, and tremble…”

  9. Jeff Carroll Jeff Carroll

    Would have been funnier if he was Quayle hunting.

  10. Ethan Ethan

    I find the picture of Dick from the yahoo news article (Susan posted) really amusing. You can just see the bloodlust in his eyes. He’s showing his fangs with that lip-curl, too — obviously, ready to sink his teeth into raw flesh.

  11. M. E. Hepler M. E. Hepler

    yeah and look at the goofy fucks next to him. The guy on the left looks like a younger clone of the guy on the right. Balding white men are your gods!

  12. I’d rather be accidentally shot by Claudine Longet…

  13. Ron Iron Ron Iron

    Maybe it really was an accident.

  14. Ron Iron Ron Iron

    Just kidding.

  15. matt matt

    at times i think it is a good thing that Bush got elected twice. The world may not be a better place, but when will i ever see the sentence, “Vice President Cheney accidentally sprayed a companion with birdshot while hunting quail” in the Washington post ever again.

  16. Paul Paul

    Man, the lawyer’s from Austin, which is pretty much the most blue city in Texas. Yeah, the lawyer was a Republican, but still. Accident? I think not!
    Or yeah, remember, this *is* Cheny. Who gave HIM a gun?

  17. I bet a lot of guys who served in ‘Nam are feeling really glad Dick got all those draft deferments.

    “He’s showing his fangs with that lip-curl, too — obviously, ready to sink his teeth into raw flesh.”

    I’ve got a copy of that picture hanging on my cubicle, with the caption “CHENEY IN 2008. STAY OUT OF HIS WAY AND NO ONE GETS HURT.”

  18. “I’m holding this voting station hostage! VOTE FOR ME, GODAMMIT!”

    …ahem. Heh.

    Look at his face! He’s so damn eager to try that rifle out it ain’t funny. Somewhere there’s one of Cheney’s victims who DIDN’T survive with a bullet in him, and his ghost is going “Damn…so THAT’S where all those missing Democrats went.”

  19. David David

    It was me he shot.

    And no he didn’t appologise.



  20. What I find most shocking is the fact that he was hunting Jews.

    Why is the mainstream media not reporting this?

  21. Jacob Shelton Jacob Shelton

    Well, it was a twenty-eight gauge from thirty yards…painful, yes but not as bad as it could have been. What was really painful is when Cheney covered the thirty yards like an Olympic sprinter and started battering the fucker and shouting “Die you feathery sumbitch!” and cackling his mad drunken cackle. Like all tried and true hunters you see Cheney had been consuming heroic quantities of alcohol so strong that the only difference between it and fucking paint stripper is the label…’s part of the great American Tradition. Hell, I’m drunk and heavily armed right now and if any goddamn lawyerbirds come ’round here I will be painting the walls with their evil letigiousy brain fluids. Moo-hoo-ha-haaa!

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