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What Is Your Priority Internet?

This actually made me sit back for a minute, oddly.  I thought perhaps that I’m too used to grazing.  But it also occurs to me that the ubiquity of a thing perhaps, eventually, makes it less important.


Email, obviously.  That’s where my work and most of my personal connections live.  It’s unlikely that I would allow a situation where I didn’t have relatively instant and painless access to email, unless I’d specifically selected a location for that purpose and warned people in advance.

If I only had thirty minutes?  I don’t know that I’d open Twitter.  Twitter DMs propagate through to my email, after all.  If it was necessary to update, I’d take a photo in WhoSay, or in Instagram with an appropriate IFTTT trigger tag, so that the photo autoposted to several services, including this site, Twitter and Tumblr.

I’d probably open Google Reader in some form, and skim the top of the news.

What dawned on me, a little bit, in thinking about that, is that social networks really bring me very little.  Twitter’s great for realtime news if your stream is tuned well, of course.  But I have no personal inbound from Twitter, Tumblr, G+ or anywhere else.  For me, social networks have become pervasive to the point of being old wallpaper.  (At some point, there’s probably a longer thing to be written called All The Clever Social Apps I Deleted Off My Phone Because There Was Nobody In The Room.  Which reminds me, I can delete Facebook off my phone now!)

What do you think?  If you only had thirty minutes, what would you consider it necessary to use the internet for?

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