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What Is The Greatest TV Title Sequence Of All Time?

I submit to you that this remains The Greatest TV Title Sequence Of All Time:

(Also, note how long the title sequence is. These days, American network TV shows are 44 minutes long at best and the titles don’t run more than 30 seconds.)

Comments are open for anyone who wants to convince me otherwise. Some of you will say SAPPHIRE AND STEEL. You will be wrong. The children will say it’s the new DR WHO title sequence, and they will be wrong. But, you know, have at it. We shall come to a consensus that will be recorded on these here internets for ever, and future generations will be struck blind by our Wisdom.

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  1. Troutwaxer Troutwaxer

    Sorry I got to the party so late… But there are two opening sequences everyone has missed. First, the Simpsons openings are all brilliant, ranging from merely “brilliant” to “heartstopping, brilliant beyond words.”

    And going way back, the “All In The Family” opening sequences, with Jean Stapleton and Carrol O’Conner singing the theme song at a minimally tuned piano…

    I’d also nominate the Maxwell Smart intro and the Mash intro.


  2. Simon Simon

    Another nod for “The Prisoner”.

  3. uncle joe mccarthy uncle joe mccarthy

    for adult shows, its prisoner hands down…

    for family shows, any of the irwin allen shows will do, but lost in space is the best, as they did 3 different openings

    for kids shows, all the kroft stuff, and all the anderson stuff (come on warren, thunderbirds kicks hawaii 5-0 in the arse)

    for straight sci fantasy…has to be space 1999…first show to preview scenes in the opening

    for comedy….police squad…no question about it…handheld cam at its best…and long before zucker became a wingnut asshat

  4. uncle joe mccarthy uncle joe mccarthy

    oh….forgot one

    best original song for opening title sequence….wonderfalls

    and if you guys havent caught fuller’s newest….pushing daisies…check it out….its sickingly sweet, fairie tale shite…and im hooked

  5. wesley wesley

    Hawaii 5-0’s was excellent; so was Magnum P.I.’s. Mannix’s was pretty good but Mike Connors lacked the charisma possessed by Lord and Selleck. The Odd Couple’s was very appealing. Greatest American Hero’s deserves a mention. I’m sure many people appreciate Friends’, Mary Tyler Moore’s, The Rifelman’s, Hazel’s, The Honeymooners’, The Twilight Zone’s and Mr. Ed’s.
    One that I’ll recall with eternal fondess is Sugarfoot’s. With so many nice ones, it’s tough to single out one as best though Warren Ellis may have done it.

  6. wesley wesley

    others that were great:
    all in the family
    the monkees
    partridge family
    the saint
    hitchcock presents
    i love lucy
    jackie gleason
    johnny quest
    mission: impossible
    secret agent

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