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  1. On Voting…

    BE FOREWARNED I will sound like a parochial fool with Tourette’s, but I am an angry internet mans right now. People refusing to exercise their democratic right are linked to a switch in my brain labelled ‘Angry and Indignant’.
    I am sick, absolute…

  2. Wouldn’t “Sadly Nick Griffin is my MEP, but I think he is an utter fuckwit” be a better slogan?
    On second thought, that’s too long.

  3. I so wish smirking buckets of hate were an anomaly in politics. Sadly he’s just another idiot that needs to be tossed in the dustbin of history as soon as possible.

  4. frenchbloke frenchbloke

    thankfully the bastards lost their deposit in Scotland.

    surely someone will record ‘nazi cunts, fuck off’

  5. I’m in Yorkshire. Could use an Andrew Brons version. Might knock one up myself…

  6. Oscar Oscar

    It could be worse. You could be living in fuckin’ Italy. Now those guidos ARE really fucked! =(

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