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War Haunted

These are, I’m told, the work of one Sergei Larenkov, and they are wonderful. He’s reshot WW2-era photographs in the present day, from their original perspectives, and then faded the original in. Just look:


The effect is similar to those occasional freak photographs purported to capture ghosts on film.


I prefer to imagine a WW2-era photographer developing his or her prints, and discovering strange colour images bleeding in around the edges of their shots.


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  1. Eerie and beautiful and despondent.

  2. These are wonderful. What a simply great idea. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Lennie Lennie

    Man that is both freaky and awesome. It does cause parts of my brain to shut down so I can continue to function. Sheeeit. Len

  4. Wow. This is very well done.

  5. I saw those images on the English Russia blog a few days back (well worth a visit) and was mighty impressed. There’s a real haunting quality to them and it seems a more effective way of bringing old photos to life than the usual colourisation process.

  6. Amazing, serenely beautiful. Thanks!

  7. Fredrik Fredrik

    Beautiful. Thanks for sharing these amazing images and providing a good idea for the future.

  8. Wow Warren,
    This is great stuff! I’m currently reading China Mieville’s latest “The City and the City” (Advance copy), and there’s something very similar going on his his story.

  9. Linda Caudell Linda Caudell

    Warren, I lived in Europe right after WWII. These photographs bring tears to my eyes. They really bring back traumatic memories. The contrast between then and now is very impressive. These pictures are something the general public needed to see. Thanks.

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  11. […] ble oppmerksom på bildet over fra Warren Ellis’ blogg, som har hentet det herfra (og siden jeg ikke kan lese russisk kan jeg heller ikke refererer til […]

  12. wow, thats neat but really really eerie at the same time

  13. Thanks for comments. I am the author of these images. Other my works can be seen on my site.

  14. […] week I discussed with some of you possible ideas to make this project more valuable. Take a look at this site, which composites old photographs with recent ones. This is a very simple concept that could be […]

  15. What a brilliant commentary in those photos. Thanks for sharing those.

  16. These are incredible. It’s hard to be mindful sometimes, of the fact that important things, even if terrible, happened in the same places we stand day after day. Remembering that life wasn’t always the way we know it to be. Thanks for posting this. Lucky I got to see it, even after wilw tweeted it!

  17. Karin Karin

    WOW!! How incredible!! If we could only see it in real time…how sobering!! Well done!! :o)

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