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Video Village

Video Village is the place on a film set where they set up monitors hooked to the cameras and herd all the producers, visitors and other persons extraneous to the actual making of a film. Therefore, Video Village is where I end up. They hand you an audio rig so you can hear what the mics are picking up, and basically experience the shooting of a film from enough distance that you cannot possibly fuck anything up for the people who are working there for a living.

This is Video Village on the RED shoot in Toronto, first unit. Technically, I had permission to wander anywhere I wanted. (In fact, the DVD crew begged me to, so they could get b-roll of me strolling around the set.) But I’m always horribly conscious of being the only person not working, so I tend to stay around the village, or sneak off for a cigarette.


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  1. Candice Candice

    Did the prop guy procure a director’s chair with your name on the back?

  2. R R

    Warren, Brazil stills a fucked up place. Last week, a member of the Santo Daime’s (Ayhuasca) cult killed its fundator, who was simply a classical cartunist from the 80’s, called Glauco, and his son… His most known character was “Geraldão”… Just fuckin’ sad!

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