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Vague Post So I Can Say I Wrote A Daybook Entry

It’s the summer of working under the radar, really.

I’m in the first round of negotiations for a tv option thing, and I’m feeling pretty good about it. I think it’s going to prove very smooth.

I have the script for my animated series pilot in front of me, and I’m trying to fix the broken bits and stick some meat on the exposed bones.

In another file on the menu bar sits half an outline for a print project that everyone involved is very excited about so far. It terrifies me.

The guts of the second script for New Marvel Thing sits in Dropbox from where I was tinkering with it at the pub. As it stands, I think it’s about three or four hours away from being a complete script.

Just agreed to do another little Marvel thing in order to aid and abet a friend’s book launch. That goes into the Marvel catalogue tomorrow, so I can’t really say much until that catalogue goes out to stores, which is maybe a month from now? Dunno.

Am trying not to obsessively read Charlie Huston’s SLEEPLESS on Kindle For PC, but that evil fucking book has its hooks into me.

I seem to still be doing interviews about RED for various places. It was Creative Screenwriting today, I think. I’m still sad that Robert Schwentke wasn’t at Comic-con, because I think he would have allayed a lot of talk about Hollywood colonising the show. His comics-fan credentials are much strong.

It seems that I could be doing more webcomics if only I knew lots of published professional comics artists who don’t like money, food or shelter. Which is a shame, really, because I’d like to do more digital comics. But the process is a bit like doing a comic at Image, except with a far less tested and predictable distribution and revenue stream.

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  1. Mark Mark

    If you’ve got the time/inclination to bother answering, what terrifies you, who has so much writing experience, about a project?
    Or does experience not diminish insecurities or anxieties over time?

  2. Pete Pete

    Sleepless is absolutely brilliant. best book I read all year, definitely Huston’s masterpiece.

  3. DatDude DatDude

    I’ve been wondering how the ” freak angels experiment ” so to speak was going. I’m guessing its not paying off till the trades come out and thats a delayed payoff ?

  4. Orlando Barros Orlando Barros

    Regarding webcomics, well, i’m an unpublished artist so maybe i should shut up, but still … Give me a shout if you’re interested in checking out some of my drawings, and pages i was prepping for another webcomic. I’d love to learn narrative under your wing and i clearly have no love for money, so …

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