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Two Drunken Writers, 3am; A Warning To The Children: This Is How You’ll End Up

Kieron Gillen, drunken games/music journalist:
Half-way through uploading Mint Royale/Lauren
Laverne’s “Don’t Falter” for Laurenn.

Warren Ellis, drunken funnybook hack:
I love that.

I rambled off some drunken notes on it
like most REALLY HAPPY SONGS its got a core of
sadness too it. It’s what stops you choking. And,
with a personality as visible as Lauren’s, you
can’t help but be happy for her that she’s that
happy. “You must be sad to risk your heart for
love to find you”.

I thought the line was

“You must DECIDE to risk your heart for love
to find you”.

Also: the ghost of Dave Balfe.

You know, every time I write an analysis of a pop
song there’s a lyric I’ve got entirely wrong which


And yet Patton just told me that on eBay right
now someone is selling a piece of toast upon
which Tookie Williams’ face magically appeared
this morning.

So there is balance in the universe.

But I wish somehow that it had been Dave
Balfe’s face.

Such perfect synchronicities only exist in a world
where I’ve completely committed myself to
booze, rather than the half-arsed lazy mode I
find myself.

I blame myself. A toasted Balfe face could have
been ours, if only I committed.

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