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TV SCUM: Weird TV Shows Of The Day


Found via the TVTracker service:

BET will premiere the first of six episodes of LIL’ KIM: COUNTDOWN TO LOCKDOWN Thursday, March 9, 2006 at 9:30PM. The show chronicles the Queen Bee’s last two weeks of freedom as she ties up her business, says goodbye to friends and makes peace with herself as she emotionally prepares to serve a 366-day prison sentence. In this new half-hour series, BET and production partner Edmonds Entertainment deliver full access to Lil’ Kim’s life and her entourage as she paints the town twenty-four hours a day attending sexy fashion shows, star- studded parties, music video shoots, and glamorous shopping trips. Lil’ Kim then begins the physical transformation to becoming Kimberly Jones, peeling off the ! layers of hair extensions, acrylic nails and stage make-up. Final destination: the penitentiary, where Kimberly turns herself in to authorities. This is Kim’s real life with all of its glamour, drama, comedy and tragedy.

Jenna Jameson is coming to COMEDY CENTRAL! The network will launch its first original animated mobile series “Samurai Love God,” it was announced today by Lou Wallach, senior vice president, original programming and development, COMEDY CENTRAL. The mobile series will premiere in first quarter 2006 and launch cross carriers with eight two-and-a-half minute episodes. COMEDY CENTRAL, which recently unveiled its 2006 original broadband programming slate, has become a trailblazer in the digital content arena. T! he launch of its first original animated mobile series further demonstrates the networks commitment to developing and producing original quality programming exclusively for multi-platforms.

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  1. Matt Matt

    “exclusively for multi-platforms”

    I’m sure in some fetid TV execs mind this makes perfect sense.

  2. J. J.

    The Lil’ Kim thing sounds like The 25th Hour gone all reality, but with no direction and a completely unrelatable and annoying star.

    That it’s on BET is all the more egregious. Send in the PC patrol to explain why it’s OK for a network focused on black America to glamourize a black star on the way to prison.

  3. I have a feeling the glamour isn’t supposed to last.

  4. Ron Iron Ron Iron

    She needs a version of The Apprentice when she gets out.

  5. ALL television is like tonights spicy food in tomorrows toilet bowl.

  6. Crimson Crimson

    Or is this the perfect antidote to the glamour rap casts on crime? Star or not, hot or not, LK is still going to be doing regular old prison time. Lesson to be learned, there. Likewise, as annoying a persona as Lil Kim may have, you have to imagine that somewhere, under the make-up and the spin, there’s a fairly terrified human being. It may be too much to hope that the show will capture what it’s like when your bravado deserts you and all you’re left with is the consequence of your own stupidity, but that would be a message worth spreading as well…

  7. Now that´s what I call a tough-as-nails-hip-hop-lady, way to go, Kim!

  8. I wonder if they’ll show the exact moment Kim realizes what a bad idea it was to be rapping about how hot her various orifices are for all these years…

  9. J. J.

    I think the term is “ghetto fabulous.” Maybe that’s Mary J. Blige, I forget.

    Kim just hasn’t been the same since Biggie died. :(

  10. Sean Sean

    J, if the glamorization of Lil Kim’s situation shocks you, you apparently don’t catch too much BET or rap videos. Try “Uncut” at 3 a.m. for some real “Black Entertainment.” I think Martin Luther King Jr. had something to say about this on a recent “Boondocks.”
    Seriously, it should mean something that she’s going to prison for purgery! She lied about witnessing a crime! By rap video standards, perjury’s akin to jay-walking (though things seem to be a lot tamer in this post-gangsta rap world. Now it’s all just ass shaking — see “Uncut” comment above). Coincidentally, this is going on in a city (Philadelphia) where law enforcement has been pressuring sellers of “Don’t Snitch” t-shirts to take them off the shelves for obvious reasons. The sole witness in a murder trial was also recently killed a day after the DA and police launched a PR campaign to encourage more witnesses of crimes come forward, especially in black communities — nice timing.
    Anyway, I’ll give it a chance, if only to see her transform from TV’s Lil Kim to whatever she looks like the rest of the time.

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