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Trish Keenan

Trish Keenan, of the band Broadcast, died this morning of pneumonia following a swine flu infection.

I first discovered Broadcast around 1997, and their HA HA SOUND remains one of my favourite albums. Their 2009 collaboration with The Focus Group, WITCH CULTS OF THE RADIO AGE, was barely off my playlists for a year. Keenan described that record to Joe Stannard in THE WIRE like this:

“I’d like people to enjoy the album as a Hammer horror dream collage where Broadcast play the role of the guest band at the mansion drug party by night, and a science worshipping Eloi possessed by 3/4 rhythms by day, all headed by the Focus Group leader who lays down sonic laws that break through the corrective systems of timing and keys.”

She was an artist and channeller of the authentic British strangeness, a medium singing the glossolalia of radiophonic culture. I’m saddened and not a little horrified by her passing, and the cone of silence it leaves in the world.

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