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This appears to have been produced by someone as a graphic design course assignment. It’s one of Spider Jerusalem’s rants from TRANSMETROPOLITAN:

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  1. Nice to see a spot of spider jerusalem getting into the education system.

  2. youtube, making our sci-fi dystopia a reality!

  3. MrPerson MrPerson

    Somehow, the thought of Spider Jerusalem having that voice makes me giggle.

  4. Thanks for the link. I had considered emailing you to tell you I’d done it, but I wasn’t sure if that’d make you legally obligated to tell me to take it down.

    And to Jay; I’m not on the same course as that guy, but his video was one of my inspirations.

    Glad to see it spreading about the place, now I just need to decide what to follow it up with.

  5. Brilliant and well-animated.

    I guess this means that in Spider Jerusalem’s future, Grozny is in much better shape then it’s been… well, since 1994, really.

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  7. Well done commercial spot. Kudos. Warren, thanks for posting this link, encouraging this artist, and not suing him into oblivion. Your Karma went up 100 points.

  8. Friday Animation…

    This is not how I imagined Spider Jerusalem would sound.

    The text comes from Transmetropolitan volume zero, Tales of Human Waste. Of course, the animator (John Franglen) changed the corporation names to ones which exist today. If I walked outside…

  9. Jafs Jafs

    Wow I can’t stand brits I mean holy shit call one up in the middle of the night and wake him up and he will talk like a normal anglofile but just listen to em once they’ve had their morning tea and toast. What kind of culture would resist the joys of coffee or steal calculus from the germans? I’m not saying the reich’s robot v2 random rocket bombing of London is in any way a good thing but you’d think these guys would learn from a bad experience and talk-normal.

  10. Jafs Jafs

    Hey wow apparently Mr. E is from the good old United Kingdom I hadn’t realized! Well shucks, I can’t hate on G.K. Chesterton or The Residents or even Benjamin Franklin despite the unseemly corpses discovered in the masonry below his estate I mean that guy invented lightning! And while I don’t like the more recent architectural erections around London, you look at satellite photos of London its pretty amazing – what an amazing fire prone hive that place must’ve been! So sorry about the rocket bomb remark and look at my spelling and grammer, I mean, good form is probably better in the long run than not sounding like you have §¶º¢ up your ∞¡•™ >:]

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