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Toronto Police “Assault Iranian Bar Owner”

Anya Galkina says: “This is an email from Amir Ebrahimnia, the Iranian owner of a club on Church Street in Toronto called Babylon. On Pride Weekend, his club was shut down for overcrowding. He and his family were brutally assaulted by the police…”

up until this point, there were no physical contact between any of us and the officers. as a matter of fact, up until this point, no badge was shown by the ladies and gentlemen in question. i made them aware of this fact at this point. that’s when one officer pulled out his badge as he started laughing; “are you happy now? boy, now you’re really fucked”

another officer turned to me and said; ” i will make it my life-long hard-on to fuck you, my friend,” as he chuckled and turned around.

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