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  1. jack mab jack mab

    hey, youre clocks at the top are incorrect. the NY and san fran ones are definitely behind by an hour. dont know if its a daylight savings thing or what, but the internets demand perfection

  2. Warren Ellis Warren Ellis

    We know. The clocks are tied to the server clock, and the server clock keeps going in and out for no good reason. Obviously, that’s not something we have control over.

  3. There would be good useage for that–having such a thing behind me would surely scare me shitless.


  4. Mario Mazzolli Mario Mazzolli

    Hello Mr Ellis
    Were a spanish production company thats going to make some documentals bassed on Comic creators, we want to talk about the posibility of making one jurney into your work and make you and interview. Can we talk?
    Thanks for your time!



    PD. Im sorry for post this here.

  5. Cidsa Cidsa

    This kind of reminds me of something from my childhood. I would use the washroom at the video store and they had some cryptkeeper poster in there, so I’d always be scared that there was a skeleton in the toilet that would reach up and steal my skin.
    I was a disturbed child for sure, lol.

  6. Neutron Neutron

    This is nothing compared to the creepy angel my mom had up on the toilet tank. it would look on with interest as you did your business… *shudder* I finally moved the fucking thing after one too many late night frights whilst pissing.

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