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Throwing Them To Lions Was Probably More Fun

Three news stories within a couple of days of each other, as captured by Religion News Blog, caught my eye.

Somalia Islamic Militants Behead Four Christian Orphanage Workers. India Hindu Militants Attack Christian Training Meeting. And Rash of Attacks on Christians Reported in Sri Lanka.

The latter headline doesn’t mention the antagonist religion involved. Turns out the attacks in Sri Lanka have probably been orchestrated by… Buddhist monks.

I’m sure it’s just a fluke… or, perhaps, just a topslice of a largely unreported phenomenon that’s only just met my awareness. I mean, we expect missionaries to meet nasty endings and all. But the speculative-fiction writer in my head kind of spins up to speed when greeted by a set of news stories like this: I think you could argue that none of these places have been particularly well-served by Christian forces in the past, and it’s tempting to conceive of a sudden worldwide purge of the Christian disease from all the crevices it invaded. All other religions turning on Christianity at once. I, however, am an atheist, and I think all religions are criminal insanity to start with, though, so…

Anyway. Interesting, I thought.

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  1. Kirk Kirk

    A Buddhist friend of mine takes great care to mention the years of violence perpetrated by Buddhists in Sri Lanka and other countries. He does this because Buddhism is the only religion that really seems to get a free pass from atheists as being “mostly okay.” His hope is by raising awareness to avoid the eventual backlash when people realize that Buddhism is just as full of nonsense and bloodshed as all the other religions on the planet.

    Though interestingly, I have found a number of Buddhist practices to be useful, even when stripped of their religious components, which might indicate that there is some value extant in their conceptions of consciousness and lovingkindness meditation, even though the reincarnation (and endless amounts of savagely inventive hells!) is obvious bullshit.

  2. Orbulas Orbulas

    “I, however, am an atheist, and I think all religions are criminal insanity to start with, though, so…”


  3. Illogic Illogic

    So, global religious war over the souls of the godless masses then?

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