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  1. lyle lyle

    …and then collapsed under the weight of their own corruption.

  2. craig craig

    The collapse of the roman empire wasn’t really that simple, captain one-liner.

  3. The history of Roman Empire is Great. but sustainance is the problem.the heart desires of their heroes were accomplished but their descendants went down the mountains of heroism.
    that is why it is a verbal toast to complement the killing of the opperassors. the operassors are in the blood of their mankind.

  4. Viktor Walters Viktor Walters

    @George Coyne

    Operassors? Really?


    Rome got great by copying everyone else who was too xenophobic to share or expand, and THEN killing all who opposed them; i.e. they copied the culture, and then copied the xenophobia in a unique and entertaining way.

  5. what @VW said, but more correctly, by sending the traders and merchants in with taxes and language and goods from the breadth of their empire. If at first the shiny swords don’t work, send the shiny beads. By the time the army rolls around again the magistrates are hooked on wine in saminan jars and think the documents and pomp is awesome.Works every time. All you have to kill then are the young upstarts & codgers. Hearts and minds and middle class.
    And, fwit, I clicked on this bc I liked it in a “represent metalsmiths!” (yay) way. Good on her. Her statement works in a Rome as Allegory sense, which is entirely legitimate. The medium is eaten away as if her message was corroded in attempts to hide the truth, which is more meaningful in metal than paper. I would have liked to see the whole piece.

  6. Judith Judith

    I just think the sign is nice and the statement funny. Sometimes things are n’t meant to have deeper meaning – they are just to entertain.

  7. Mr. Cleeve Mr. Cleeve

    What are operassors?

  8. […] Warren Ellis " Thought For The Night Rome did not create a great empire by having meetings…. (tags: rome ellis picture saying) […]

  9. weatherley weatherley

    does this come as a poster I woukld love one for my office

  10. Rebecc Rebecc

    I think it is great and thought provoking and in the reading I have done about the Roman Empire it is fairly in line with how things happened. it wasn’t that simple but it was that effective…

  11. Kirt Kirt

    For God’s sake it’s a joke. I thought it was spectacular.

  12. but now that I come back to it, the Roman Senate was largely a meeting…

  13. Orion Orion

    Great job. I love it!

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