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  1. Eli Green Eli Green

    Jamie McKelvie had this up on the music video thread a couple of months ago. It is indeed glorious.

  2. Jimmy McHopandscratch Jimmy McHopandscratch

    Thou shalt think for yourselves! You can do this by following MY rules.

  3. Love the song, love the video, love the beard but is it bad that he lists some of my favourite just-a-bands? Am I kicked out the treehouse?

  4. Wow. That rocked.

  5. David H David H

    Jimmy: Amen. Funniest part of the video, in my opinion.

    Dan: I think the idea of the video is to make you think you’re in the wrong treehouse, that there is indeed a brighter, prettier treehouse in a bigger tree where you aren’t invited.

    There is no treehouse.

  6. Love this video, bought the song and two others from the same guy(s?) as soon as the video finished (yay for the internet enabling impulse buying!).

  7. This was one of the first tracks I heard I when I returned from a weeks holiday.
    At first I didn’t like it. But now, I really do.
    Even if the backing track seems to be following the trend of sounding a bit like Pac Man (or something similar) (for other examples listen to Natasha Beddingfields new effort, bless her).
    I wanted to see him call Oasis just a band in Manchester. I live here and I’m not the biggest Oasis fan (not a native of Manc you see, just and interloper) but I figured that’d get him into a fight.

    Anyways, I love this track now.

  8. Piotr Piotr

    The just a band thing doesn’t seem to be intended as an insult. It seems as if all they’re saying is that it’s foolish to see any band as “the saviors of rock and roll” or any other such thing regardless of how good they may be.

  9. Stuartmm Stuartmm

    Steve Jones has a radio show here in Los Angeles and he even does a Jukebox jury type show and they had this song on. He loved it. Although Terri Nunn from Berlin was a bit pissed that Berlin wasnt mentioned as just a band.
    I think the show is up somewhere on the Indie site.
    I think its the number 8 one.

  10. Staldo Staldo

    I want this man’s voice in my head at all times. When delivering commandments, it helps that he has that mighty, godlike beard.

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  12. Is it just me that sees the central inconsistency of this? One of the first thing he says is “Thou shalt not take the names of Johnny Cash [etc.] in vain”, suggesting that these people are godlike. Then he says “Thou shalt not put musicians or recording artists on ridiculous pedestals no matter how great they are or were.”


  13. Warren Ellis Warren Ellis

    The bit at the end about thinking for yourself? Try that.

  14. sean sean

    The walls, they’re closing in.

  15. Staldo Staldo

    Do I have poor facial recognition, or does the girl in the video rather resemble Lily Allen?

  16. AJ AJ

    Oasis is not only just a band… they suck.

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