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This Payment Is For:

Thanks for the donations received so far. Much appreciated, and it really helps.

Also amusing: the way people have been filling in the donation form. You are asked what the payment is for, and these are some of your answers. This payment is for:

– The sheer hard-cocked joy of reading
– being a fabulous wanker
– bringing much horrified amusement
– Not putting anymore Jap porn on website
– Keeping me up to date on pornographic trends in Japan
– giving us something to stop from pulling the trigger
– Confidential Services
– Grumpiness
– web filth (received various versions of this one)
– his unique personality
– Being a badass (also various versions of this)
– things crazier than working in the world’s largest nuclear weapons depot
– vast vistas of entertainment
– Lopsided Curmudgeon’s Filthy Bandwidth Fund
– brain enhancement
– Loan of Filthy Assistant Please (this may be the same person who cussed me out for knowing Katie West)
– Cane upkeep and repair
– that blowjob down in Brixton a few years back
– Disgusting Pictures
– Rocking out like a rockstar
– being lovely and twisted, which is all too rare these days

I can’t go on… there’s something in my eye…

— W

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