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This Is An Interesting Post Title About Some Things

Hi.  I’m writing PR materials.  That must be why I want to die.

FOUR CHAMBERS is a new group of British photographic artists, and I make particular note, in their copy for their new magazine:

Somewhere between an exhibition catalogue and a art zine, Four Chambers Issue 1 is an attempt to make physical what only exists in a digital reality.

There it is again.  Eruption of the digital into the physical.  (one ref)

Image above blatantly ganked from them, by the way.

Longread of the day is PAUL, a piece by Matt Fraction about a guy in his art school.  Which, yeah, I know, but, seriously, read it.  Everyone’s hopes, fears, dreams and fantasies about college/university in one post:

This was an art school. And amongst the rest of us, Paul was the freak.

Paul came to art school with a strategy: fuck all this. It was so preconceived, so controlled, and so well-defined he could have turned his whole senior year into a performance piece. He wanted to get laid, get drunk, and fuck around. Our school provided him with a unique opportunity to do it.

There was something else I was going to mention, but I’ve forgotten it, so here’s a photo from Jan Chipchase, currently in Japan:

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