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The ULTIMATE SECRET Delay: Blame Bendis

Brian Michael Bendis on how the delay to the ULTIMATE SECRET serial I’m doing with artist Steve McNiven is his fault:

I told Marvel I could do the (NEW AVENGERS arc McNiven is also illustrating) in three issues. I had laid out my scenes and had it all worked out… but writing isn’t an exact science…. as I kept writing I thought of new ideas and new scenes, and scenes I had got tossed for new scenes and before I knew it I needed an extra issue. I tried to cram it all into the three issues, but it did not work.

I came to Marvel yarmulka in hand and told them I needed the forth issue. i knew things were tight for Steve but I didn’t know exactly what the schedule was. We toyed with a fill-in or having Finch finish the story, but Steve’s work is so unique that a fill-in would be glaring.

So though it was ultimately Marvel’s decision to keep Steve on the story, I do take the responsiblity for it because I said I could do one thing for them and could not. I would have never done this to any of you on purpose and I am sorry.

For the record, Warren was unbelievably gracious about it…

He wrote this before he discovered all the dogshit in his suitcase.

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