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The Shipping Forecast For Space

Nick Harkaway just turned this up on Twitter: hfradiospacewx. It’s "Space Weather and Radio Propagation Information," as provided by these people, who apparently could use a dollar or two through Paypal to keep going.

It’s complete gibberish to the untrained eye:

Warning (1591): Geomagnetic K-index of 4 expected… Solar Wind: 519 km/s @ 3.0 protons/cm3… Flares: 6h hi (none) 24h hi (none) …No space weather storms are expected for the next 24 hours…

It is, in fact, The Shipping Forecast for space.

How brilliant is that? All it needs is an equivalent for "Sailing By" to precede it. Maybe a bit of Eno.

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  1. It needs Charlotte Green speaking the words. It’s not the same without Charlotte Green speaking the words.

    Or Brian Perkins.

  2. I wonder what the outer space equivalent is for ‘occasionally poor’.

  3. Juan Carlos Romero Juan Carlos Romero

    As Warren said: “It’s complete gibberish to the untrained eye”

    Yes, it is. Felt stupid for an hour and a half.

  4. Eno?

    Fuck Eno.


    Before he wrote the Chariots of Fire theme, he was a cuddly little Greek man who spent half of the 60s and 70s doing some experimental rock, and the other half sitting behind a 1960’s computer and synthesiser the price of a small African country with the processing power of a modern toaster making songs that give you the same sense of awe and insignificance as shots of earth from the moon.

    Am thinking Spiral, Albedo 0.39, opening themes to Bladerunner, etc, would be a good ‘Sailing By’ for space.

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