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  1. Joe B Joe B


  2. Mike Cotton Mike Cotton

    How/where can I buy one of those? Seriously, I will send you green American Dollars or multi-hued British Pounds Sterling in exchange.

  3. Jason Jason

    that’s just pure awesome

  4. espalier espalier


  5. Laudanum Laudanum

    She is such a hot woman.

  6. How the hell does she still look hot for her age? My word, wowza

  7. Tom B. Tom B.


    I think I just gismed a bit.

    65 or not, that lady can handle my “automatic weapon” ANYTIME!

  8. Pete Pete

    Is that October 15th date for the US, the UK or the wolrd at large?

    When is it out for those in God’s Own Country?

  9. Gui Gui

    Oh dear gods yes. Amazing shot.

  10. Manx Manx

    Yep, I’ll pay cold cash for that poster. And 1x hand + 2x foot + 1x firstborn to bed Helen Mirren.

  11. Applemask Applemask

    There are few living women more awesome than Helen Mirren.

  12. … and now all is right with the universe.

  13. garyg garyg


    Amen, brother.


  14. Oh, dame Helen, I’d bang you like an unabattened hatch in the wind, your ladyship. I am not making that shit up.

  15. Sveinung Sjåstad Sveinung Sjåstad

    Who the hell throught of putting Helen Mirren in THIS!? Whoever it was, deserves praise and/or bonus money.
    Oh, and I smell an Oscar coming.

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