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The Return Of The Fake Doktor Sleepless

The following missive was received at Whitechapel earlier today:

After a few months of leaving my alter-ego URE THRALL to his own devices while in the midst of preparing his gargantuan I.AM.INDUST. Experimental octophonic music festival (now an ANNUAL EVENT – see for info, video and free mp3 downloads of new music), at last DOKTOR SLEEPLESS of EArth 23 returned to helm the ERR-waves a few weeks back, DJing the concluding segment of KPFA 94.1 FMs NO OTHER RADIO’s HALLOWEEN show on 10/29. And TONIGHT I, the bad Doktor have a brain-blast of a program in store for everyone. To celebrate back to back shows here in San Francisco this week by both The LEGENDARY PINK DOTS and SKINNY PUPPY’s NIVEK OHGR we’ll be playing lots of brand new material including some rare outtakes from OGHR’s new "DEVIL IN MY DETAILS" CD as well as selections from the extremely limited new Edward Ka-Spel release "DREAM LOGIC Part 2" , not to mention excerpts from several new releases by that one-man futuirismo machine PHIL WESTERN (best known as a part of DOWNLOAD as well as his past projects like MERE MORTALS and OFF and GONE).

It looks like I really F##ked things up by abandoning this plane for awhile. I mean just LOOK at the mess this planet is in NOW!
WELL I’ promise to try and do better in future
And if you just don’t FEEL LIKE getting out of bed and saving this earth today, well…
I suppose I will have to live…or rather, DIE with that…
Sin Searingly,
D.S. EArth 23

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