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The People, They Love Me

Received in email:

Hey Warren–

I just saw this review of the third TPB of PLANETARY on and
thought you might get a kick out of it. Dig that crazy syntax, man!

“The writings of Warren Ellis, well they promote drugs, paranoia,
inmature dialoge between men and women, and commentey by a man who
clearly hates himself and the world around him. As this load of
garbage shows. DC Comics should have nothing to do with this quack’s
wriings, and speaking as someone who works in the publishing field as
both editor and writer. I would not give the man’s scripts one passing
thought, They are not worth it.

“-John Q. Public ‘vhspreowner'”

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  1. Peter Ribolzi Peter Ribolzi

    I wish I could assume that the misspellings and poor grammar invalidated this individual’s claims of being a writer and editor, but I’ve encountered too many illiterates claiming to be either a writer or an editor.
    Then again, if someone identifies a character’s hatred of himself and the world around him as a negative facet, I should know to disregard any associated comments.

  2. Marc Manzo Marc Manzo

    Hilarious! Do we have any idea who this person is?

  3. Warren, you’re in good company. I looked this guy up on Amazon and read through some of his other
    reviews. He had this to say about Mark Millar’s Ultimates, “This is not Marvel books or stories
    here, just an Image writer whose work is clearly anti-american.” and this about Moore’s V For
    Vendetta, “It sounds and looks like something a seven year old kid would write and draw.” Lots of
    other similar reviews from him, as well. Makes you wonder what he actually likes…..

  4. Tom Halford Tom Halford

    I had a look….He likes \”As Time Goes By\” a truly dire British sitcom, so when he say immature im guessing he means under 65. I\’d explain about the show but its not worth the effort…not sure his review is either

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