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The Newspaper Club

From the people who brought you THINGS OUR FRIENDS HAVE WRITTEN ON THE INTERNET 2008, a new and potentially very important venture: The Newspaper Club.

We’re building a service to help people make their own newspapers.

What do we mean by people? Individuals, communities, clubs, societies, companies, friends, gangs. You know; people.

What do we mean by newspapers? Anything you can make by putting ink on newsprint. We think lots of people will want to make things that are quite like the sort of newspapers we already know. But we also hope to encourage people to reinvent what newspapers could be.

They’re also running a blog.

I’ll get into this later once I’m past the bulk of the day’s work, but I think this could be really, really interesting. Also ref. PEAR emerging as a newspaper. (Which I also need to talk more about, because it’s a really fucking interesting newspaper)

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  1. The main problem with newspapers is timelyness, not content. Also price.

    You publish once on the internet, and the price to maintain that publication is very minimal nowdays. You do the work once, then anyone can tell anyone else about it and get it to them, no matter where on the planet they were.

    Now, perhaps as a tool of dissidents… but on the other hand, if you’re caught with the paper you’re red-handed… if you read it on the internet through a proxy/anonymizer and distributed it the same way (through an anonymized blog or twitter or what have you), it’s hard to link that back to you, the worst they can get you for is circumventing their Big Brother system.

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