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Home Secretary Charles Clarke says he will not resign after 1,023 foreign prisoners were freed who should have been deported at the end of their sentence. He said he does not know where most of the offenders, who include three murderers and nine rapists, are.

Among the offenders, five had been convicted of committing sex offences on children, seven had served time for other sex offences, 57 for violent offences and two for manslaughter.

There were also 41 burglars, 20 drug importers, 54 convicted of assault and 27 of indecent assault.

The Home Office said it did not have full details of offences committed by more than 100 of the criminals…

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  1. Aaron Aaron

    Christ, the BNP are going to have a field day with this.

    How long before Charles Clarke and Blair try to use this to justify I.D. Cards?

  2. About 48 hours, if they’re stupid enough.

    But yeah, they’ve just handed marginal wards to the BNP. Fuckers.

  3. HLoF HLoF

    I heard this on the radio today on the way home.

    I can only think… how?

  4. el randall el randall

    wow, for a split second i thought this story occured in the states……..oh waitaminute, it does every day.
    bad europe, bad

  5. Sweet miserable jesus O.o

  6. mark mark

    “HLoF Says:
    April 25th, 2006 at 11:57 pm
    I heard this on the radio today on the way home.

    I can only think… how?”

    easy no body talks to anybody else out side there own branch of the home office this leads to the total culsterfucks we keep seeing.

    and when otherwise sane friends say they can’t bring them self to vote for the red “they betrayed us working men” or the blue and will be damned before they vote yellow and think the greens are just a joke it’s vote bnp or don’t take part

    the sick part of this joke is one of the guys telling me this is a 3rd gen Indian


    we as a species are fucked

  7. Carry on up the Khyber, England Prevails.

  8. MrPerson MrPerson

    This demands to be made into a TV series/comic/book/whatever. Just call it “1023”, and follow the lives of these newly released people, seeing what they do with it. Do they go back to their previous “trade”? Start new, better lives? Form gangs? What?

  9. Tim Tim

    No, I don’t like Blair or Clarke’s authoritarian tendencies either, and maybe this will be one fuck up too many. But these people had reached the end of their sentences, so were released, because this is what happens when you’ve finished your time in prison. They are no more a “threat to public safety” (David Davies) than any other newly released prisoner (which, I know, is not zero).

    The subtext of the today’s hysteria is therefore “they’re more dangerous because they’re foreign”. It sucks.

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