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The Live Superheroes Of Indianapolis

Doktor DiscorD and Mr Silent are self-invented superheroes.

so tonight is the first night in a new era here in indianapolis. the dawn of the age of superheroes. after realizing the total lack of justice in the world, my friends and i have decided to become superheroes in order to balance this fracturing planet of ours. tonight, with my partner in crime fighting “Mr. Silent”, we went around the city helping people and stopping fights,drunk drivers,and a group of young dumb kids hitting an old woman’s car.

Here’s the note the good Doktor sent me the other day:

mr. ellis

hi,i’m a superhero…..seriously.

some friends and i have become tired of the muggers, rapists, and general riff raff causing problems in our city.

this is not a joke.

we’ve started a group called the Justice Society of Justice (offering twice the Justice as the leading competitors) and we go out and fight crime on a semi nightly basis.

we’ve only got about 8 hardcore members that go out with us right now,but we’re hoping to raise that number tenfold.

recently,some japanese street fashion kids have found our myspace pages and added within 3 days we’ve had roughly 3-4 japanese weirdo kids adding us per hour…japan seems much more accepting of this concept than the states.

originally,we just thought it’d be funny to go out as superheroes and “fight crime” as a sort of street theater…but after the first hour and the sheer exhilaration of it all,we completely changed our mind. there are real problems,and no one wants to deal with them. some one has to do something.

many people have read about the adventures of your heroes, but soon (hopefully), they’ll be writing about their own adventures. i made a few blog entries about some of our patrols with pictures and stuff…so if you ever want to see how well superheroes work out in the regular world as opposed to paper one,check it out.

say a small prayer to jack kirby for us.


Mr Silent @ MySpace | Doktor DiscorD @ MySpace

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  1. jack jack

    just be careful fellas. it is a noble effort, but dangerous. If you are serious about all this, then i would advise to get the proper training first.

  2. Will Will

    I would dress up as a superhero and hire a family to do the same for $20,000 if you’re interested. Well if I lived in the US I maybe would. Seriously though, good luck with that, if you do find a superhero family it would probably be a good show.

  3. I am a superhero. I have stopped a bank heist Ive stopped muggings Ive saved stabbed victims and all. This is not a joke Mr.Silent is a hero of mine. SAINT

  4. zens rest zens rest

    Ok, first of all, if you were really doing this for “the good of mankind” or “society”, you wouldn’t be going online with photo’s of yourself and your “clan” and exhalting yourselves. Second, I just want you guys to know that you’re not alone because others, not excluding myself do this same thing all over america. However, you need to keep it legal, nontheatrical, and most of all, a secret. But I think your posting of this all over the internet has already ruined that one…

  5. anonymous anonymous

    obviously some people posting the mock into soup JUST DON’T KNOW. they have been doing this since November of 2005. you have to think for yourself why your so illusioned in the real world. I credit these folks for their ever giving time and wisdom to the whole city of Indianapolis. If you don’t live their or haven’t been there , you’d better make sure your clocks are set.

    Indianapolis is totalitaria. and the crime wave is up here. there are also illegal alien hispanic gang members that have migrated in to the city commiting acts of violence and power. its not looking good. It can’t be fixed by just sitting there and ‘hoping for the best’ that it stops. Well hey, if nobody’s trying to make a difference

    ihope they don’t kck my ass for this, but i did see them intercept a night burglary before any damage was done. i don’t know if they participate with the police and give reports, but atleast they can sense the good and evil. you can see it in their eyes.

    i always see them in the wierdest of all places. I approached the guy with the mask and told him i see him around. i couldn’t really have a conversation with him. he’s silent, literally.

    think what you want, but just don’t freak out when these guys are there to pull you out of the ditch

    they are dedicating themselves to the whole city, giving their time and energy toward a cause here. If they need help, they have mine in return eventhough i’m not a super-hero and i encourage the rest of the city to do the same.

    I make my promise clear

    what do you think of when you her the word “community” ? ask yourself and keep the answer to yourself. observe how that word is used by others…………

  6. O.M. O.M.

    I agree with Ogmios. It’s going to take a lot more than a palpable sense of outrage and some gadgets available at the consumer level to assess both the total and the local situation on a real-time level. My heart goes out to all of the people who do this but… I don’t see evidence of any extraordinary abilities (not superpowers… they don’t exist… not yet at least but genetics is making rapid advances… probably in the worng direction but…). Be very, very, very careful people! Are you really prepared? My thinking is that a “real-life superhero” will…

    O.M.’s Seven Conditions for Superhero Work
    1) Don’t go online… sorry… you must become a more than a marketing concept and an ego-gratification idol to truly strike fear into the hearts of criminals… marketing don’t cut it… let someone else do that… You must become a legend and that takes stringent measures! Navy Seal operations don’t go onto the World Wide Web and neither should the activities of those attempting to fight criminals, REAL CRIMINALS: nasty, evil megathugs who’d kill you in a second! This isn’t drama! These people are real, I’ve seen them… you’ve seen them! Don’t kid yourself, evil and and insanity will shatter all of your illusions and preconceptions. You have to be TOTALLY PREPARED to deal with these people!
    2) I envision a superhero as being a very well-trained, abnormally strong Navy Seal type with several black belts and high ranks in: Tae Kwon Do, Shao-Lin Kung Fu, Karate-Do, Kenpo, Aikido, Krav Maga or any combination thereof plus others I have not mentioned. Boxing and street fighting skills would come in handy as well as counter insurgency, deep cover and espionage skills. Sorry folks to REALLY fight crime and WIN nothing less will do! Did I mention a monster regimen of weight training? Yes, I think that as well as training in acrobatics, base-jumping, rock-climbing and track is certainly the order of the day as well.
    3) ACCESS! Military and law enforcement personell have access to the cutting edge of weaponry, armor and tactical equipment. Unless you are or have been a member of the military and/or law enforcement community you wouldn’t know much about this stuff… Of course brains and knowledge can cause one to aquire these goods which leads me to…
    4) Science… Training in science and technology would obviously help. Knowing about the is and outs of chemistry/stoichiometry, as well as the laws of physics certainly couldn’t hurt.
    5) The true Batman element! Yeah money. For the powerful, state-of-the-art equipment that YOU WILL NEED it takes a lot of money. These things are expensive.
    6) High IQ… Seems a little counter-intuitive huh? LOL! Anyway, that plus a massive dose of street smarts, higher than normal strength and agility plus senses sharpened through TRAINING are good pre-requisites. Meaning work-out, get a full physical examination by a licensed M.D. and train your mind! Educate yourself in all forms of law enforcement, science, human behavior, psychology, parapsychology, customs, law and geography.
    7) A stout heart, faith (spirituality), a willingness to make a real difference and an iron will! I think THIS is what some of these folks already have God bless them, esp. Terrifica and Captain Jackson. I just worry about the lack of the other requirements.

    8) Self-modification… What do I mean? Beyond just being a “naturally extraordinary” human being, cybernetic implants as well as performance enhancement supplements would be a consideration. This could have a dark side as performance enhancement DRUGS are certainly dangerous and are not to be condoned. But, the nature of this work is dark and dirty… Use discretion and caution.
    9) Become one with the unknown! You are doing a very weird thing… really. Revel in it! Revel in your uniqueness and live the bizarre! Use it as a tool. Go out of your way to research the bizarre nature of reality: yoga, breathing techniques to arrest heart rate, travel to Tibet (if you can), learn Indonesian stick-fighting, train a cobra, travel to Haiti, read about Chaos Theory, hypnotism… Strike real fear in the hearts of evil-doers! I think some of these guys are “into” this, especially Mr. Silent and Dr. Diskord but remember, this is really an option! The first seven fundamentals are a must!

    Other than Option 8 and possibly Option 9, ALL OF THE ABOVE are needed to produce a truly effective modern superhero. In fact even more than the conditions above are probably needed. The real-life world of drug lords, pimps, criminal cartels, serial killers and terrorists is an imaginably brutal and horrific place! There can be only the most intensive preparation made for dealing with it… Individuals who possess the above should have completely concealing costumes and avoid all public recognition as well, both for the safety of their loved ones and for full-effectiveness. Code names? Well… I wouldn’t worry about that as much as actually meeting the requirements and performing the tasks necessary!

    I myself have thought along the lines of being a “superhero”, both out of the geek factor as well as a sense of outrage at the true evil that I see in this world. I’ve studied it enough to know that despite my powerful frame, physical ability in general, 153 IQ, faith in good, faith in God, access to military training, perfunctory martial arts training, highly trained senses, love of the bizarre, etc, I just don’t meet all of the above conditions. I don’t really have the time and money as per the above Seven Conditions. Yes, only a few years back I did take to wearing masks and being on the lookout for evil-doings in my dramatic zeal. My presence even kept quite a few jerk-offs in line but that’s about all who do not meet or exceed the Seven Conditions can hope to do.

    Maybe we should all put our energies into law enforcement reform as well as just being AWARE of what’s going on around us, reporting crime and evil to the authorities as well as to everyone else. This could be talking to people about the sex offender that just moved into your neighborhood, confronting vandals and confronting EVIL! And above all talk to people and communicate. Make criminals know that they are not wanted. For the most part those people truly are the cowards that Bob Kane wrote about.

    I know that unless the science becomes manifest to make me a true, bulletproof superhuman who can hide his ID to protect my loved ones then I won’t be joining the ranks of the Mystery Men. But remember science is stranger than fiction!

  7. Captain Prospect Captain Prospect

    Wait a second.

    In your definition of “real superhero” you require (what can only be described as) superpowers? Just in case you aren’t aware, there is no metagene in the real world.

    Real life superheroes draw their inspiration from the comic book superheroes but they are not mentally ill – or not enough to think that they can fly or have super strength anyway. It is an extension – or perhaps specialization of community service, not vigilante law enforcement. Fortunately saner people than you are the ones doing this.

  8. O.M. O.M.

    Hi “Captain Prospect”,

    You need to read what I wrote a little more carefully.

    Unless you are aware of it (apparently not) calling me less “sane” than those people “specializing in community service” is both unethical and completely wrong. Your quick use of personal attacks on someone (myself) who is trying to caution people undertaking a very DANGEROUS vocation bespeaks of the need for more education, and perhaps experience, on your part. Don’t get me wrong. I am not stooping to making any off-base personal judgements regarding you but it does seem that you need to think before you type.

    Ah what the heck! I’ll have some fun with this! After all YOU STARTED IT!

    Unless I’m aware? Of a metagene? Holy gadzooks “Captain Pee Pee”! Is this something that your 12th level Paladin/Mutant/Mercenary possesses?

    Unless you are aware of it “Captain” (I love typing that), I know a thing or two about this metagene that you speak of: it doesn’t exist! At least not in the context you are speaking of.

    In my work (I am a scientist… yep it’s true!) there’s never been made mention of any “metagene”. In fact here’s the closest thing you get when you type the word into Wikipedia…

    Now then there IS this…

    Yeah, that’s applicable to our reality as we know it. Yeah right.

    So what’s your beef oh X-Man?

    Look, “Captain”, when you get out of high school or maybe move out of your parent’s basement, my suggestion is to travel around a bit; maybe see how the world REALLY works.

    Then if you think you have what it takes, put yourself on some goth spandex and be “Darkling Man” or whatever. Then try going up against some gangs, maybe organized crime, maybe a few jaywalkers… See how far you go with just sheer nervous indignation.

    But I tell ya! Nobody short of a highly trained NAVY Seal has what it takes to really do is necessary to be a “superhero”. It’s going to take a lot of muscle, training and smarts to really get the job done. Those guys have it by the bucketful.

    Better yet why not try to have some respect for the non-masked heros out there! The firefighters, cops, military and rescue personell that put their lives on the line daily… As well as the regular folks who refuse to let crime and injustice proliferate in their neighborhoods!

    That’s sanity, bub.

  9. Hello, I’m Geist, a fellow Real-Life Superhero, along with my friends in this article and many responding to your comments. There are over 200 RLSHs in the United States with approximately another 50 in the rest of the world.
    We’re not foolish and we’re not insane. We know our limitations, but at least we’re out there on the streets helping people. -Some by acting as a Citizen’s Watch, of sorts, some by physically fighting crime, others by carrying out charitable acts.
    We communicate and discuss online at places like Heroes Network or our myspace pages.
    We are concerned, comitted and careful. We are taking action against the ills of our society and helping police and those in need. We’re watching out for you, whether realize it or not.

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