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The Hardcore Continuum

I keep losing this, so I’m putting it up here. Kode9:

Yeah, I suppose it?s what happened when Acid House in the UK collided with Afro-Carribean music culture in London in particular. So it is Dub, Reggae and Dancehall. And when these collided in the early ?90s you got when Hardcore and then most importantly for me Jungle, ?93, ?94, Drum’n Bass, UK Garage, currently Grime and Dubstep. So the Hardcore Continuum is a way of understanding that evolution of music, because there are all kinds of similar in way. All different speeds, but at the same time coming from a similar place and always using pirate radio as a media platform, because these musics haven?t at least initially a lot of media coverage. So what?s interesting about them in a way is, that they are musical genres, but at the same time they come with their own media. And with Grime just now they come with their own DVD and mixtape culture as well.

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