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The Engine

Over the last couple of weeks, me and some friends have been building a new online forum, The Engine; it exists both to facilitate community around some of my work, and to create a space for creators to talk.

I’m going to start letting some of the pro comics creators into The Engine early, so listen: if you’re a PUBLISHED or CONTRACTED-TO-PUBLISH creator, and working entirely or partly outside the superhero genre, drop me a line at warrene @

I realise the genre distinction is going to put some noses out of joint. But there are loads of other, bigger message boards that are pretty much all about superhero comics. It’s not my field of interest. I’m not even talking about my own superhero work at the Engine. And there’s just not a big public place for those of us working outside the genre to talk. I wanted to make a space for people like me, focussed on making original material outside the genre. That’s the whole deal.

I will also take “creator” to mean a webcomics creator publishing on a paysite or working ad-supported, on a case-by-case basis. Which I know sounds kind of snooty, but, right now, I’m looking for a separation between hobbyist creators and the people who are risking significant chunks of their lives on this stupid game…

I know I’m going to piss some of you right off. I apologise in advance.

By “comics,” I mean comics, graphic novels, manga, OEL, BD and any other contortion of the intended meaning. I was discovering manga and BD while some of you comickers were still twinkles in a tentacle-beast’s eye, and it’s all bloody comics as far as I’m concerned…

I’m holding off on creator-publishers and the like for the moment. Doing this thing by stages.

— W

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