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The End Of

Well, apparently Yahoo! is closing down  I just exported my bookmarks out of there (probably with all the fucking tags missing) and am deciding where to move my bookmarking to.  Probably Google Bookmarks, if there’s a decent extension.  Reeder doesn’t support Google Bookmarks tagging, so I’ll have to email my bookmarks to myself and then load them in later.   I still find Evernote a bit jerky and slow, and the Evernote extension for Chrome has a mind of its fucking own. was smooth and fast and simple, and I will miss it terribly.

Hey, Yahoo?  Running cost you pennies, and bought you so much goodwill.  Now you’re just another of those scumfucks who acquires great services just to bury them.  But then, firing all those people before Xmas really showed what kind of people you are anyway, didn’t it?  “Oh, we didn’t want people to spend too much money at Xmas and then fire them in January with that extra debt on their shoulders.”  Right.

Everyone I know is currently working out how to back all their photos off Flickr, in case that’s next.  The thinking being, if Yahoo didn’t know what they had with, they’re not going to know what they have with Flickr.  Which is a fair point.

To Joshua Schachter, and everyone else who worked on — thank you so much.  It made my working life so much easier, you can’t imagine.

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