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  1. Owen Owen

    To use my gran’s oft abused phrase ‘Sometimes, I wonder about you.’ Thanks for the laughs.

  2. You have an amazing talent for creating characters that are black comedy incarnate, and your prose manages to be elegant and clear while describing hilariously disturbing things.

    Which is my way of saying, yes, if you have the time, do write more.

  3. Cynara Cynara

    I started coming to this site around the time these were posted. I recall chortling with death-glee and a feeling of having found Home.

  4. Andy Andy

    Sooo… Has Cathcart ever met up with Falconer? And if they haven’t, why not? Seems like a perfect MTV Death Match kind of event:)

  5. PhilWal PhilWal

    “Voting is about nothing but installing the guy who’s more likely to screw the people you hate before they elect the guy who’s more likely to screw you.”

    Marvellous work.

  6. Speaking as an ex-wife government state worker who has at least one mainstream song from every decade on her zen (no really), who also happens to be vegetarian, i can say unequivocally that i forgot what i was going to say because i am beginning to have disturbing food-sex fantasies involving turkey legs and gravy.

    No, what i mean is, you are disturbing…and me likey. Freaking Hilarious. More please.

  7. Sveinung Sjåstad Sveinung Sjåstad

    Acually, blasting some more bulls testicles from a cannon could be more popular in your texts. Shit never gets old, or less facinating.

  8. Alejandro Omidsalar Alejandro Omidsalar

    Why isn’t there a Cathcart Zen book from Image or Avatar these days? WHY?!

  9. Good God, man, stop taunting us and write them already. I know you don’t have time, but could you also fit in some new Falconer pieces?

  10. foggy foggy

    I adored both Cathcart Zen and Falconer. Would love to read more.

  11. cjstevens cjstevens

    Sometimes when I read Falconer and this I feel very very normal.

    “I haven’t eaten a vegetable since the day a busload of special-ed children crashed and burned outside my last home,”

    I don’t even think Frankie Boyle would go there…!

  12. Alec Lamson Alec Lamson

    I loved them years ago, and they aged beautifully. More, please.

  13. Rob Rob

    I love the bits/sensibilities of Cathcart & Falconer that made their way into Crooked Little Vein. More, please.

  14. James Bong James Bong

    It’s terrible, but also hopeful. The master work of a master troll.

  15. Jon Furno Jon Furno

    Warren, your deity like skills astound me once again……Cathcart Zen is now my role model…..bring me astonishibgly warm beautiful flesh to consume! more please!

  16. Please please write more….

  17. pmpknface pmpknface

    Yeah! Brign it on! Who knows… maybe out of that we’ll be able to get a few more Desolation Jones issues. That book has a vein of Cathart Zen in it, and I’ve been curious as to where that book was going.

    Thanks for the memories!

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