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The Comics Sickness

Tom Spurgeon does a spectacular number on the recent NYCC comics convention:

There’s a sickness at comics’ core that many may not recognize because for the first time since 1992 and maybe 1947 it comes from success, not deprivation. A lost sense of opportunity in New York is only the first sign of potential troubles to come. It’s like we’ve been given the keys to a wonderful car and delivered the down payment on a beautiful home and we’re still insistent on treating them like the beater and cabin loaned to us for the last two weeks of summer. Would anyone not in NYC miss the show were it gone tomorrow? If they threw the parties and canceled the convention, would they really be significantly less attended? Did any of what just happened matter to comics in the slightest?

I do one American comics convention a year, at most, and the last two have been so high-pressure that I spent next to no time on the convention floors…

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  1. Simon Arthur Simon Arthur

    People actually expect you to be nice?

  2. Spurgeon nailed it!

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