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The Chronicles Of Offline

The estimate is that my computer will have finished data recovery sometime Sunday afternoon. This means Monday at the earliest and probably Wednesday. Today I was looking at external hard drives. The price has dropped somewhat since the last time I looked. Was peering at the Western Digital 1TB box, I have to institute a new backup procedure since the last one died anyway. Maybe this time I’ll go for something major. Been thinking about reconfiguring my computer use a little bit in any case.

I think I’d use IM a lot more if I could set it to audiovideo only. I can’t type in IMs while I’m working. I’ve tried, but it just doesn’t work. Eliza Gauger always tells me that she can’t work without IMs, and figures it’s a generational thing. Hers is the first generation to grow up on the internet, and that’s just how they learned to do things. Half of the appeal of the games sites my daughter uses seems to be in the built-in IM systems.

But, of an early evening, when Lili wandered into the office, I’d bring up IM and find Laurenn, and switch to a/v, and Laurenn would wave from the Bay Area at Lili, and they’d talk to each other about how weird it was to be able to see and speak to each other through a computer screen (and then Laurenn’s evil cat would wander past and sit on the laptop or something)… And that just seems more natural to me.

Although it’s possibly just a wish of a child of the 70s for the videophones that tv and the comics taught us to expect. The ones on THUNDERBIRDS even had an audio-only function for when you looked like shit.

I loved THUNDERBIRDS. Save the world, go back to your island base, get rat-arsed, smoke a thousand cigarettes and hit on the Quality and the Asian girl. These are the lessons tv taught us back then.

I will go now, because Ariana says these notes are taking on the tone of a guy on a desert island talking to his pet coconut.

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