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The Apparat Programme: 2

The Apparat Programme
broadcast at ninety-six kilobits per second in broadband
2: sleepbotulism
or: I got sent a lot of ambient music

(34.11mins) (22.7MB) (direct download)
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All music donated to the Programme by the artists. The running order for Programme 2 is:

“Kolminaisuus” – Älymystö
“Wat13” – djk
“I Am a Broken Bank Vault” – Glossolalia
“The Static Of Thought” – Maciej Stankiewicz
“Pre-Emption” – Antiguru

As of today, the Apparat Programme has 314 subscribers. Programme 1 was also direct-downloaded 1,623 times. Direct downloads of previous Programmes: 1

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