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The Alchemists Of Sound

I’ve mentioned recently that I love a good BBC music documentary. And bemoaned that they never seem to make it to DVD. Well, last night, I turned up the 2003 docu THE ALCHEMISTS OF SOUND on the You Tubes. Which is, yes, about the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. (I’ll be over this by the weekend, I swear). Here’s the first part, the others are linked in the Related bar on the clickthrough:

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  1. Bunny Greene Bunny Greene

    yipppe! Really liked that quite a lot. I grew up on Doctor Who and Hitch Hikers guide. It is interesting to know how the sounds were created.

  2. cjstevens cjstevens

    Nice one again Warren. No need to be over this dude, I have since watched and reposted the excellent docs u linked on Hawkwind and prog rock. Gr8 stuff x

  3. pfcubed pfcubed

    brilliant—but WHO’S THAT LITTLE OLD MAN?

  4. Very cool. I first saw this a few years ago — when you first posted a link to it! Still cool to revisit. (And I loved that prog rock doc you mentioned, too.)


    one of the best things ive seen in ages… stumbled across it after listening to a radio 4 program about DELIA DERBYSHIRE … BUT !!!! the big question is WHO IS THE GUY IN THE BACKGROUND ???? I know the clock is to do with when they started up the workshop and that he represents the bbc looking over their shoulders but who is he??????

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