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The 4am: Second Season

I do an irregular podcast here, called The 4am. It’s composed entirely of music sent to me by bands and musicians. If I like it, I play it, basically. You can find the first 13 episodes in the sidebar player — they’ve been played some 55000 times.

Haven’t done one since March. Now I have a decent set of speakers for this laptop, it’s easier to resume. So I’m starting from scratch, for a second season of The 4am.

It won’t happen, of course, without new music. If you think you’d like to be on the podcast, please email me your music (mp3, 128k or better) at warrenellis @ That email address is only used for the podcast. Including a link to your site is always useful — saves me having to hunt around for it myself.

Tell your friends if you like. But I can only play mp3s sent by the artists themselves. if you send me mp3s from bands you really like, I just have to delete them. Okay? Thanks.

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