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The 4am: Fourth Go

So I posted that note last night, musing on the old 4am music podcast I used to do.

Checked the dump email account this morning, and found people had started sending music overnight, presumably not completely understanding what I was saying.

So now I feel bad about having gotten the music.

So… maybe I’ll try this again.

I am experimentally resuming a podcast here called The 4am. It’s composed entirely of music sent to me by bands and musicians. If I like it, I play it, basically. I like all kinds of music, field recordings, noise, spoken word, anything. The 4am has ranged between 2500 and 8000 listeners per podcast in its history.

If you think you’d like to be on the podcast, please email me your music (mp3, 128k or better) at warrenellis @ That’s my "public" email address that gets checked every day or two, not my personal one. Please include a link to your preferred website. Tell your friends. But I can only play mp3s sent by the artists themselves. If you send me mp3s from bands you really like, I just have to delete them. Okay? Thanks.

Spread the word.

(And I warn you now, I’m not going to mix the fucker down to 128k this time around.)

The 4am archive: (web) (iTunes)

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  1. Mentioned before… but if you wanna outsource the audio munge work I’m happy to throw a couple of hours at it.

  2. Warren Ellis Warren Ellis

    Appreciate it: but I’m going to try a fast dirty job with #19 and see how it works out, first…

  3. Yei! The 4 AM is back!!

  4. Woot! Return of the 4 AM! Thanks for taking the time, Mr. Ellis.

  5. Sounds pretty neat; I’ll pick a couple of bits out of the archives and throw them your way. Any genre preference?

    Also, might be an idea to put the ‘cast on Mixcloud too, though – seems to be pretty popular and it usually runs very smoothly.

  6. What if you’re the content owner? I had a friend create an original instrumental piece as a sort of theme song for my webcomic, but he’s not online at all, not even email. But he said to do whatever I wanted with the piece and that he appreciated any exposure he could get.

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