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The 4am: 7

The 4am is a mixtape file containing nothing but music donated directly by new and/or unsigned acts. The 4am is of no set length and is released on no set schedule. The 4am is mixed down to 128 of the kbps. The 4am has never been kissed. The 4am does not care any more.

7: Meditation In Ruined Temples

It’s 3am, not 4am, as I write this. But that’s close enough. It’s meditational noise tonight, with slight hints of whisky and cigarette smoke.

“Vilnius Colony” is a term found in my graphic novel TRANSMETROPOLITAN, but that’s not why I’m playing it. Texture says: “I’m heavily influenced by dubstep (Burial, Kode 9, Skream) and lo-fi guitar bands (Sebadoh, Pavement, Silver Jews), and am trying to find a way to fuse the two.”

“Helston Music Fair 1992” is a new one from 4am regulars Kemper Norton, who have kindly offered me a CD but said “Don’t expect the luxurious packaging and gifts that those Ice Bird tarts have given you though… I happen to know that they keep a dosed and washed graphic designer chained in their bathroom.”

The Intelligence Community is but one of the outlets for the fevered brain of Thor Johnson, whom you can find doing lots of things, some legal, at I appear to have lost the email from The Thing With The Stuff, whom I’m fairly sure is one of the aspects of Lauren Heckman.

And finally, Yoda’s House return with “Piamono,” which is, basically, the soundtrack for the end of the world.

I know this one’s another quiet one. I tend to go with the flow of the first track in the submissions pile that really gets to me. Next week I’ll make you listen to The Poxy Boggards instead. I hope you enjoy this. Good night.

(edit – the inline player might be freaking out a bit again. If it stalls out, best to just download it.)


Texture – “Vilnius Colony” (6:34)

Kemper Norton – Helston Music Fair 1992 (5:28)

The Intelligence Community – “Neutron Island BBQ” (4:06)

The Thing with the Stuff – Exhibition 24 (5:41)

Yoda’s House – Piamono (7:11)

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