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Thai TV Does Not Televise Revolution

Thousands of opponents of Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra are holding a protest in Bangkok, vowing to stay in the streets until he steps down.

About 50,000 people marched to Mr Thaksin’s office waving Thai flags and shouting anti-government slogans. Police said the march was peaceful.

This is the latest in a series of rallies accusing Mr Thaksin of corruption and abuse of power. He has called a snap election in April in an attempt to win back authority.

But his attempt to regain the initiative has been thrown into doubt by the main opposition Democrat Party and two other parties, which have said they will boycott the election.

CUT TO: boingboing:

Thai television has been notorious for remaining silent when historic events are happening. Right now history is happening — a mob is marching on Government House with the intent to overthrow the Thaksin administration. What is Thai broadcast television showing?

This hideous mind-wiping horseshit.

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  1. Daniel Morgan Daniel Morgan

    I can think of no better way to drive people into the streets than by broadcasting taped recordings of the Backstreet Boys. I think this is (seriously) an FBI technique in standoff situations.

  2. Chris Chris

    Citizens opposing their government head-on gets me SO HARD.

  3. This is exactly why they need some sort of bloody-minded hyper-journo there, high above the action, simulcasting news of the riot across every receptive media channel. He’d need a distinctive name; he could call himself…oh…Lobster Bethlehem or something.


  4. Daniel Burk Daniel Burk

    They just want to go fucking CRAZY with the Thaksin administration. They are so fucking hot. (If you agree with this message, just wink and say “SoÌ€ot hĭng-săa!” when you pass me at the next protest.)

  5. Robin Robin

    Sonthi you fucking

  6. channel 3 belong to the family of one minister.
    channel 5 belong to army
    channel 7 uder licence from army (under control of channel 5)
    channel 9 under the minster attack to government house
    channel 11 under public relation.
    channel ITV belong to priminister Taksin group company.
    NATION CHANNEL independent under the Nation Publicing group.
    ASTV belong to Mr. Sondhi leader group of Mannager Group
    publicing (again government) transmitt live ralley of people.

  7. 007 007

    No. 6 Stop lickin Thaksin cock

  8. 007 007

    What is Thai television showing?

    They are just showing the fuckin nonsense plays (slapping each other every act) on 8:30 pm to 10:30 pm

  9. Maverick Maverick

    Hey, Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, you think that MONEY can buy anything ???

  10. JR JR

    It’s a bit silly if every channel has to show the same thing.
    Just let ASTV show and I can watch other soap opera :)))


  11. 1412 1412

    NO 6

    sondhi not sonthi, u know?
    in Thai say “Sonthi” but in Eng write “Sondhi”

  12. Paul Paul

    These TV channels SUCK!

    Where is the freedom to expres?
    Where is the democracy when news reporters are threatened for expressing their democratic views on national issues?

    This is what Thaksin (Toxin) has been turning this country down..! SHIT!!!

  13. Thai guy Thai guy

    Some people do not know about Thailand.
    Please do not say too much.
    Fuck Taksin.

  14. Pat Pat

    Closing the sky with one hand is the best way to push people onto the street. Thaksin used his money to hire people to come to his speech on 3rd March. They were mainly poor farmers paid $7 to $12 per head. That angered people and they came out more on 5th.
    His arrogance will be his own undoing

  15. I dunno, that “Hang Foreplay” drink sounds intriguing…

  16. Taksin not gentleman.

  17. ek ek

    Taaaaaaksin Getout

  18. Studying in M.4(grade 10) Studying in M.4(grade 10)

    Sorry if my English is not good because I’m not always use it .. I’m a teenager.
    His real name is Taksin(ga****).
    He’s tiring to buy everything in Thailand and get it belong to him.
    He’s buy ITV channel and that ITV always talk only a good thing and dont tell the truth to poor population.
    He’s tiring to sell publish water and energy after that he’d buy it belong to him.Then,everything of Thai people will belong to him but some Thais dont know about this and now .. he’s tiring to sell many things of Thais to some country in Asia (Thais know what country .. ?)

    sorry for my English :)

  19. Studying in M.4(grade 10) Studying in M.4(grade 10)

    About 50,000 people marched to Mr Thaksin’s office waving Thai flags and shouting anti-government slogans. Police said the march was peaceful.

    sorry it’s about 100,000 people ka

  20. Studying in M.4(grade 10) Studying in M.4(grade 10)

    soory again it’s about 300,000 people ka

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