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Table Of Malcontents All Over

The Wired groupblog Table Of Malcontents, whose owners recently chose not to support its own writers, won’t be around for long, says Eliza Gauger:

Table of Malcontents is being gassed by Wired. You have until June 30th to enjoy the gutted, stinking remains of what was, briefly, the absolute only source of steampunk hentai you would ever need. A moment of silence, please. Followed by a moment of gurgling screams.

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  1. Well, WIRED used to rail against the man, who was trying to keep down the, well, wired future. Now they ARE the man, and the man is WIRED.

  2. craig craig

    seriously dissapointing, that. Who will fill that ToM sized hole it will leave behind?

  3. in addition, what in the hell did WIRED do to their homepage?

    I hope this isn’t a sign of condé nast-iness to come.

  4. Mike Mike

    Damn it.

  5. Constantine Constantine

    Oh Wired, it’s not even my birthday! But thank you.

  6. What the FUCK? Table of Malcontents was the only bit I subscribed to!

  7. GrimPil GrimPil

    Utter madness. Just as with the poster above, ToM was the only bit of Wired that I deemed worthy of subscription. Where do we go for our Cthulu-worship on Cthursdays now?

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