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Synth Britannia

Yes, it’s another BBC music documentary. And more electronic music, too. But this one picks up the thread in the 70s, when electronic music became pop music. Click through for links to all nine parts in the Related bar.

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  1. Ken Ken

    The whole xxxx Britannia series have been great, more than happy to watch this one again. It would be nice if they expanded the range, Synth Japan maybe? But I guess they wouldn’t have the archive clips to support a non-uk perspective. Oh well.

  2. Just finished watching it. It IS excellent!

  3. This is the absolute foundation of how I learned to listen to music, and it’s so good to see an incredibly solid and thorough examination of how all these bands came across the same idea and found so many ways to express it. Brilliant to see all the rare performance vids, along with talking to people now. I especially loved seeing Richard Kirk milling around with his video camera looking like some bizarre synth-stalker. Outstanding!

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