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  1. fogbat fogbat

    That’s very pretty looking.
    I can’t help but worry that the scars will turn out to be tentacles, which detach from the skin and rip off my face :(

  2. Johnny Anarchy Johnny Anarchy

    While visually interesting the sight of such scarifications usually makes my skin itch something terrible. It’s like looking at some alien version of the hives.

  3. That’s beautiful.

  4. Andy Andy

    Well, to each their own. It’s good when freaks do things to toss “normal” societal values out the window.

    Nonetheless I retch.

  5. chris chris

    After looking at her ears I have a strong erge to remove all my
    pierceings. While it looks amazing, the thought of all those
    cuts makes my balls shrivel up inside me. Still can’t stop wondering
    what they would feel like to touch though.

  6. If you like lots of pain, this is your outlet. How long would that take to complete?

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