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Finally, one of my sekrit projects has poked its head into the light of day.  That which was Project Blacklight has been announced by BERG: it’s called SVK.

This is the announcement post on the BERGblog.

SVK is a short graphic novella I’m writing, to be illustrated by my old mate Matt Brooker, the artist generally known as D’Israeli.  This’ll be the first substantial work we’ve done together in… christ, nigh on 20 years, since LAZARUS CHURCHYARD.

And it’s to be published by BERG, the London design consultancy group.

Regular readers of this site will know BERG well.  For the rest of you, check out their work — you might well find you realise you already knew them.

SVK is about… well, SVK stands for a few things, including “Surveillance, Very Kafka.”  In one meeting I also described the book as “Franz Kafka’s Bourne Identity,” which seems to have stuck.

The story, concerning a recovery agent and a thing lost that should probably never have been made, is set in London.  So it has to be about surveillance at some level, as London is probably the most surveilled city in the world, one estimate pegging the level at one CCTV camera to every eight people.  At any one time, in fact, a fifth of the world’s  CCTV cameras are live in the UK.

There is an interesting and possibly unique physical aspect to the book that we’re not discussing right now.  But BERG are very good at making things that are about perception, like the (pre-INCEPTION!) Here And There map.  When Jack Schulze at BERG came to me with the core idea that SVK’s built on, I knew I had to at least try this, just to see if it’d work…!  It’s going to be a surprise, I think, and this sort of envelope-tampering is only going to happen somewhere like BERG.  Strange Vector of a Komik.

Also, there are going to be strange and lovely opportunities for a few advertisers therein.  Not quite product placement.  Details at the BERG link.

SVK will be with you next spring.

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