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Superburst Mixtape 21

Songs made freely available for download on the internet by the artists or donated to me for use, put into a single file and released as a podcast mixtape for two thousand five hundred of my closest friends.

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Direct download: here (19MB)

And you can stream it using the player in the right-hand menu bar here.

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Superburst Mixtape 21

you have not yet earned the rock
long summer evenings and long sweaty nights

“I Do Believe You Are The Devil” – Aaron McMullan (2.50)

“Malt Liquor” – Hope For A Golden Summer (4.18)

“Marilyn” – Lycius (3.07)

“The Jamming Arabs Are Coming” – The Jamming Arabs (0.57)

“Rebel Music” – Grande Cobra (2.36)

“Fellatio” – Lastinline (donated by artist, who didn’t give a website address) (1.19)

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