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Steve Whitaker

Matt Brooker just told me that Steve Whitaker died this morning.

Steve was much nicer to me than he needed to be when I was a kid starting out. I liked him immensely for it, and was an amazed admirer of his work. Steve Whitaker was a flat-out savant. When he had the time to produce comics work, those pages just sang. I can remember one-pagers he did for fanzines in the 80s with clarity, because of the beauty and comedy of his line and the flawless stunts he could pull with storytelling and draughtmanship. He should have had far more impact on the world of colour in comics than he did, because he was, as Matt observes, world-class. For whatever reasons, things just never aligned well enough for Steve to produce the body of work that he should have done. I was asking Matt, just the other month, “has it happened yet?” I feel like we got cheated.

Matt’s notice is here.

Tell me nothing else can go wrong this week, please.

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