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Station Ident: Southend Weekend Television


When I was a kid, you see (and when everything in my world was the colour of the above photo), weekends meant the usual ITV station, Thames, segued to London Weekend Television. Which, when you were a kid in a country that only had three television channels, was kind of a big deal. Also, it meant regular morning broadcasting. Which, if you’re of my generation, meant Sally James in thighboots.

Anyway. Here I am. All kinds of things swimming through my head today, and I’m waiting for one of them to meet a hook. Good afternoon. This is warren ellis dot com.

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  1. Sally James. Oh yeah.
    Remember how on Tiswas she used to get sent garters made from the cap bands of various Royal Navy vessels by lusty sailors and she’d display them on her fishnet-clad thighs? Children’s Saturday morning TV at its finest.

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