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Thank you, Marie.


A couple of times over the last year, I did a thing for people who make comics called Three Panels Open.  Literally, a three-panel comic.  The only rules were that it had to be legible at a width of 640 pixels, which is the width of the content bar on this site, and that it had to be three panels long.

Perhaps you’d like to do a three-panel comic to be posted here.  If so, email the image to, and please include your name and the website and/or twitter account you’d like it to be associated with.  Same rules apply: three panels, and it can’t turn to mud when I run it at 640px.  Ideally, it’s a piece of new work, and not just a clip from your current comic. (Though obviously I’m happy to plug said current comic as thanks.)  I’m only going to run the ones I like best, I’m afraid.  However, there’s no time limit on submissions.  Three Panels Open will be a semi-permanent element of the site.

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