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  1. Nice work, Paul.

  2. Well, that’s a very nice Station Ident!!!

  3. Owen Owen

    That’s some kind of bank you got there, they sell saddles as well?

  4. For going on a decade, my younger sister (also Lilith) got up on Christmas morning expecting against all odds to find a pony in the (very small) back yard. Growing up lower-middle in a very wealthy town where classmates actually did get ponies made the fantasy especially poignant and cruel.

  5. As in Charlie and the chocolate factory:

    “Daddy, I want another pony”

    @Paul: well done!

  6. You are the best daddy ever.

  7. Heh, I wondered if that ever made it though…
    Thanks for the linkage, Warren, and all the nice words, all.

  8. I love that I didn’t even have to see but the top 1/5th of that image and I knew it was Paul Sizer’s doing.

    Great stuff as always, Paul.

  9. Doctor Six Doctor Six

    Wish I could draw like Sizer

  10. “Wish I could draw like Sizer”

    Send $149.99 plus your artistic soul to…. nah, forget it. It didn’t work last time I tried.

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