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Spring Skin

Ariana’s just rolled out this season’s redesign of the site. Yeah, we do it seasonally now. We’re just that stupid and easily bored. So if you hate it, just wait three months. This time around, I decided I wanted a big change in theme rather than design (although Ariana’s built all kinds of clever bits into it). This summer, we’ll probably go nuts. Right now, it’s spring, and we’re just waking up.

Thanks, Ariana. Again.

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  1. Blake Blake

    I, for one, love the look. Nice job.

  2. RMC RMC

    It’s very nice. Citrus-y! But your clocks are about fast FYI.

  3. RMC RMC

    Sorry, about an hour I meant to say.

  4. Warren Ellis Warren Ellis

    Good catch, thanks. This was a massive job, as the back-end is incredibly complicated AND we updated to WordPress 2.5, so we were always going to miss something…!

  5. Warren Ellis Warren Ellis

    We’re five minutes off because the system polls the server clock and the server clock is five minutes off! When they reset their clock, ours will come true.

  6. I dig the look, bit of the 50s sci-fi about it. and maybe the clocks aren’t fast. maybe this site lives in the future.

  7. Very retro. Working the RSS dinky into the corner was a nice touch.

  8. Meatboundtimetravler Meatboundtimetravler

    Love the new look and the ever evolving front page. Do any of the future changes involve getting rid of the WONDERFUL blog links ? If so, I’m dead set against them.

  9. Very nice.

  10. Cool, it reminds me these bar jukeboxes.

  11. It’s so… retro.
    I love it!

  12. Lee Edward McIlmoyle Lee Edward McIlmoyle

    The frontpage has a really nice deco Fleischer Superman feel to it. Very cool.


  13. Joseph K Joseph K

    Light blue and sickly yellow on dark teal with art deco stylings… makes me think BioShock in a big way!
    But it’s got a lot more personality to it than the previous one. I like the little touches, the integration of the RSS symbol into the style, etc.

  14. Victor Victor

    I think you should keep this one for as long as you can, Warren… it not only looks damn good, it just screams “Warren Ellis” and everything your work in general means, IMHO. It fits you very well!

  15. Love it. Incorporating the RSS logo as an art deco motif in the corner is indeed brilliant.

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