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Sousei No Aquarion

SOUSEI NO AQUARION premiered the other day in Japan. It caught my interest because it was apparently created by Shoji Kawamori, who’s designed, storyboarded and written for the likes of PATLABOR, RAHXEPHON and COWBOY BEBOP.

Of course, I find out today that he also did ESCAFLOWNE and some of the MACROSS stuff, which does very little for me. I kind of wish I’d found that out before watching AQUARION.

AQUARION is doing the rounds as a bit torrent fansub right now. If you’ve seen NEON GENESIS EVANGELION, any episode of POWER RANGERS and any slightly wet incidental unrequited romance from any shitty soap opera ever, then you’ve seen AQUARION. AQUARION is like ironing the farts out of a dozen pairs of old trousers, sucking them into a bottle and then trying to sell it as a new perfume. This is such an arse-burgling zombie horror of a thing that I don’t even want you to steal it.

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  2. […] I’m guessing the intricacies of “Solar Rape!” are lost on some people.. no Aquarion didn’t seem to bad to me.. of course I’ve some what of a fetishist to be witness to perversions in and of popular culture.. peeping tom towards the “other” of societal norms. Anime usually not being one of them, I can’t possibly be the only one that thinks of sexual/ecclesiastical union of 3 characters and the formation of giant robots in a single anime to be out of the norm.. I mean I’ve seen a LOT of things in anime, and that one took me by surprise!Pleasantly. Ok, so far the tally is this:check! – The Legend of Atlantischeck! – Chakra use & control in combining towards a common goalcheck! – sexual unions/forceable unions (re: Solar Rape!) check! – Ancient greek god mythology (Apollo – Greek god of light; god of prophesy and poetry and music and healing; son of Zeus and Leto; twin brother of Artemis)check! – A color pallette that’d make a tibetan sand-mandalist blushcheck! – loads of CG check! – ancient languagescheck! – Yoko Kanno soundtrackcheck! – Vampirescheck! – creepy kidscheck! – race/family of “special people” check! – School for “special people” to learn how to operate/control robots & special powerscheck! – misplaced love between main characterscheck! – Shonen Aicheck! – Nuditycheck! – “After a period of more than 1,000 yrs an ancient evil awakens”check! – & only one MAN (with some teammates & a robot) can stop it!check! – and he is the reincarnation/embodiment of an ancient god/herocheck! – giant robot special finishing movecheck! – ninja starscheck! – distopian future, where-in a mankind is struggling to survivecheck! – some badass dude with a scar!check! – sexy medical staff consisting soley of one sexy blonde scientist/doctor, who is horny for teenscheck! – someone’s in a wheelchair, but creepy/will be badass latercheck! – fight to rescue/in memory of a best friendcheck! – some flighty chick that’s loud-mouthed/violent/eventually falls in love with main herocheck! – because it’s her destiny & her first choice was blonde/gay/also in love with the hero/otherwise unattainableWhew!then suddenly,A single word pops into my head..”Zathura”Immediately looking for meaning within mine own subconscious’s insistence on plagueing me with such a complex word, I search online, my breathing intertwining with hopes of an ancient god, or some complex algorithm encapsulating the totality of the universe.. only to be borught face to face with….The name of the sequel to “Jumanji” shit.futher.Goddamn it! I should fucking be Pope!no wait, that’s Win the Lottery, yeah that’s it.. ummm […]

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