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Some Scripts

Someone was asking again what comics scripts look like. I guess I can’t expect all students to use Google. There is in fact a comic book script archive. And, here on this site, I can show you:

DESOLATION JONES #7 (yes, the series will come back some day)

FELL #1 (yes, the serial will be back, we’re working on it but life gets in the way)


I can show you these because I own them. I’ve had several people say "I don’t like this non-superhero shit, show me a PLANETARY or THE AUTHORITY or NEXTWAVE script." Because, you know, they’re entitled to it. But I don’t own those, so I can’t release the scripts. And, honestly, if you intend to learn scripting only from superhero comics you like, you’re really not getting the point of learning how to write scripts, or of learning to write. You learn from everything.

And when I were a lad, living in a ditch by side o’ t’road, we only had one page of JUDGE DREDD script from a 2000AD Summer Special to go on. Count yourselves lucky.

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  1. You know, the Extremis hardcover reprints parts of one of your scripts; I think those ‘Director’s Cut’ editions of the issues do, as well. The scripts of PLANETARY #1 and AUTHORITY #1 are reprinted in the back of their respective Absolute editions. Your scripts are reprinted inside those two GHOST BOXES one-shots you did for Astonishing X-Men. I suppose people could just, I dunno, buy your books.

  2. Adam L. Cox Adam L. Cox

    This is fantastic–and very helpful. Thanks, Warren.

  3. Yeah, what Adam said. Awesome and inspiring, as always. I’ve been wondering what comic scripts look like for a long time.

  4. Joe Joe

    I’m so glad you posted those. I’ve always wondered how much creative input a writer has on the images and the art of his comic. Very interesting stuff, thanks!

  5. I never get tired or reading “Fell” in its comic book form & I also really enjoy reading the script for issue #1, I’ve even gotten my 60-year-old father (who NEVER looks at comic books) to start reading “Fell” after I told him that it was a highly unique detective story with incredible artwork.

  6. George Nicholas George Nicholas

    One page of a Judge Dredd script! LUXURY! Why when I was child Jack Kirby
    accidentally dropped some lint from his pants pocket, and we had to pretend
    it was a script! And we were lucky to have it!

  7. James W James W

    You know, that’s one aspect of the work for hire model that had never actually occurred to me. The artist(s) not owning the art, yep. The creators not owning the finished work, yep. The writer not owning the scripts…

    It just seems odd, somehow. Entirely understandable, from the company’s perspective, but still…

    Although I’m unsure whether seeing the NEXTWAVE scripts would somehow dismantle the crazed charm of the comic itself.

  8. An Appreciative Listener/Reader An Appreciative Listener/Reader

    It’s so cool that you do shit like this, Warren.

  9. Josh Rotella Josh Rotella

    @George: And if you tell the young people of today that, they won’t believe you.


    Thank you, kind mister Internet Jesus, sir. Always fascinating to peel back the layers on the creative process.

  11. pj pj

    Whatever happened with Ministry of Space, it was really enjoyable. Any plans to revisit the property?

    Great site though too bad Marvel asked to have all the scripts relating to their properties taken down.

  12. Warren Ellis Warren Ellis

    “Whatever happened?” It was a three-part serialised book. It finished.

  13. pj pj

    I understand but, another story in the same world?

  14. Jolyon Brown Jolyon Brown

    These are great! I recall 2000AD doing a ‘how to write a script’ feature in one of their late 80’s annuals. Inspired, I spent days knocking together a Judge Dredd script on the battered old family typewriter, sent it off.. and heard nothing back. Crushing for a young kid I tell you. I mean it was crap, but some kind words of encouragement would have been nice. I expect Carlos Ezquerra spilt his tea on it or something.

  15. chris george chris george

    fantastic news desolation jones is rejoining us – intriguing and Lynchesque

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